Funding & Sustainability

Through CARES Act funding, Sources of Strength can be implemented at your school district or within your community at no cost.


The CARES Act has afforded the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (OhioMHAS) the opportunity to fund training and specified program costs associated with the research-based Sources of Strength program. 


Typically initial implementation costs associated with the Sources of Strength program can exceed $10,000.  However, funding provided through OhioMHAS allows schools to either send a representative to be trained or work with a certified trainer or coach to implement the Sources of Strength programs. 

In addition, specified programmatic costs including training materials, resources and (elementary) curriculum are also covered by the afforded funding.

The only future sustaining costs for the school or youth based community group include a $500 licensing fee to implement the Sources of Strength secondary program for the second year and beyond. The licensing fee for the first year of (secondary) implementation is covered. There are no sustaining costs associated with the elementary program. 

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