Elementary Program

For grades K-6, the elementary model is an evidence-informed universal curriculum that incorporates the protective factor framework for preventing bullying, substance abuse, violence and suicide.

Strength-Based Prevention

With a focus on upstream prevention, elementary children develop their strength to build resiliency, help seeking behaviors, and connectivity.

Curriculum Based

Led by a classroom teacher or school mental health professional, the standardized lessons are designed to be 30 minutes in length and can be used across the grade levels.

Social Emotional Learning

Each unit of the curriculum aligns with the core social-emotional learning standards used by many schools across Ohio, making Sources of Strength easy to integrate with existing practices.

Elementary Implementation Cycle


Join the Movement

  • Identify a Coordinator to manage the implementation of the program.

  • Locate a certified coach in your area or attend an upcoming training. Coaches can train other instructors in their school and district in the implementation and instruction of the Sources of Strength Elementary Curriculum. 

  • Obtain administrative Letter of Commitment from school or key community entity.


Build Your Team 

  • Identify a classroom teacher, social emotional learning specialist, school mental health professional or classroom paraprofessional to implement the curriculum.

  • Coaches can provide professional development training, ongoing support, coaching, observations, and learning opportunities.


Empower Our Youth

  • Identify which grades will implement the Elementary curriculum. The curriculum is universal and can be implemented in one grade level or over multiple grade levels. 

  • Provide a Sources of Strength in-service to faculty or staff. 

  • Recognize students exhibiting strength based behaviors and utilize strategies offered in the curriculum to build growth mindset behaviors among students.

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