Secondary T4T Certification Training

A Certified Trainer is required to implement Sources of Strength for the secondary program. Your school or community group can send a representative to become a Certified Trainer or regional Trainers may be available in your area.

The following details are intended to guide you through the step-by-step process of becoming a Sources of Strength Provisional Certified Trainer and then a Certified Trainer. Please note that simply attending a Train the Trainer (T4T) Skills Session does not automatically qualify an individual to be a Certified Trainer. The Provisional Certified Trainer must complete the following steps prior to full certification.

  • Complete a four day Train the Trainer Training (T4T). Upon completion of this training, participants will receive a provisional certification as a Sources of Strength Trainer.

  • Provisional Trainers are expected to facilitate all or a portion of at least six groups in a 24 month period in order to gain experience and develop core trainings skills. These six trainings should include:

    • Four mini trainings - In the setting of your choice (colleagues, school staff, students groups, etc), the mini trainings should be anywhere between 30-90 minutes and are meant to give Provisional Trainers time to gain confidence and command over various Sources of Strength training modules. The mini trainings are not a full implementation of the Sources of Strength Peer Leader model. 

    • Two co-trainings with a National Trainer or an approved Certified Trainer - Each co-training should include a full 3-6 hour Adult Advisor training and a full 4-6 hour Peer Leader training.


Requirements for Eligibility

  • Trainers must be available to participate in and/or conduct a minimum of six trainings sessions (as indicated above)

  • Trainers must be age 18 or older

  • Trainers must have some previous training experience

  • Trainers must NOT have experienced the loss of a close family member, friend or acquaintance to suicide within the last two years

Resources for Certified Trainers

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