Resources for Coaches

Coaches are the heart of the implementation at the elementary level. Explore the resources available to support the program. 

The elementary model is a universal, classroom-based curriculum, able to be led and implemented by:

  • Classroom teacher
  • Social emotional learning specialist
  • School mental health professional
  • Classroom paraprofessional

We believe that to have maximum impact with students, we need adults who are engaging with and modeling strengths and wellness in their own lives. Sources of Strength is just as focused on supporting and empowering adults as it is with students.

The curriculum is comprised of 12 units containing several lessons that build upon the unit topic. The lessons can be implemented within grades three through five. This is not a separate curriculum for each grade but rather one curriculum that can be implemented in all three grade levels. Lessons are designed to be approximately 30 minutes in length and typically facilitated one to two times per week.

Coach Resources

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