Onboarding & Planning- Secondary Program

From initial buy-in to ongoing development, Sources of Strength is a foundational program that will provide resources and support for years to come.

Foster School Buy In

  • Connect with key leaders, school administrators and school counselors to describe the program and increase awareness. This can be done through one on one conversations, school meetings or community forums. Sources of Strength is often a complementary program to many of the current social emotional or behavioral programs in schools and community groups. 

  • Submit a letter of commitment on behalf of the district or school.


Plan for Professional Development 

  • Sources of Strength can provide varied professional development agendas depending on time provided by the district or community organization for the secondary or elementary programs. This step is not required, but strongly encouraged, to create a community of awareness. 


Identify key leaders and set aside time to hold trainings

  • Adult Advisors and Peer Leaders will need to be selected to implement the secondary program. See Resources for Adults Advisors for more guidance on selecting these secondary school leaders.

  • At the elementary level, classroom instructors can include classroom teachers, mental health professionals or paraprofessionals. Coaches are not required to implement the program but will serve as the point of contact for professional development and resource needs for the classroom instructors. 


Plan for the ongoing sustainability of program

  • The secondary program requires a yearly building licensing fee of $500.  

  • The elementary program does not carry any cost to sustain implementation. 


The Ohio Sources of Strength Team is happy to assist with onboarding your school or community group! 

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