The HB123 Approach to Sources of Strength

This webpage includes everything your school needs to implement the HB123 Approach to Sources of Strength (Sources), including the HB123 Approach Module speaker notes and slideshow, a recording of how to facilitate the module, and the Adult Advisor Packet that should be downloaded, printed, and distributed to Adult Advisors during the Adult Advisor training.

The Safety and Violence Education Students Act, better known as the SAVE Students Act or House Bill 123, requires schools to implement an evidence-based suicide prevention program by fall of 2023. Schools can utilize the Sources of Strength Secondary Program to meet the legislation’s suicide prevention requirements by following the HB123 Approach.

To opt into the HB123 Approach, schools should submit a Letter of Commitment and, during pre-implementation conversations with Sources of Strength or Sources of Strength Ohio, let the planning team know they intend to implement the HB123 Approach to Sources. The planning team will proceed as normal to schedule an Adult Advisor and Peer Leader training with one change: instead of conducting a 3- to 6-hour Adult Advisor training, participating schools will need to conduct a 3.5- to 6.5-hour Adult Advisor Training and include the 30-minute HB123 Approach module.

This module, based on the video recording below, will be led by the Local Trainer. It includes guidance on how Adult Advisors and Peer Leaders can implement Sources to HB123’s suicide prevention requirements.


The HB123 Approach Trainer Module Materials

HB123 Approach Facilitator Guide


HB123 Approach Slides


HB123 Approach Adult Advisor Packet




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