Next Steps After Training

You’ve completed the training, now what do you do? Below are the next steps for those who have completed the Secondary T4T Training or Elementary Coaches Training. 

  • Identify schools or youth based community groups in your service area that would benefit from Sources of Strength.
  • Schedule an appointment with school or community administrative staff to introduce Sources of Strength by providing an overview of the program. 

  • Schools interested in taking next steps must first confirm their commitment with a Letter of Support. Elementary curriculum will not be released and Adult Advisor/Peer Leader trainings cannot be scheduled without a Letter of Support.

  • Connect with OH’s statewide initiative representative at to secure funding for interested schools/youth based community groups and initiate next implementation steps. 

    • Secondary Program - Once a school has committed to implementing Sources of Strength, the OH statewide initiative representative will partner provisional trainers with a Sources of Strength nationally certified trainer to schedule Adult Advisor and Peer Leader Trainings. Provisional trainers will co teach the Adult Advisor and Peer Leader trainings with the selected nationally certified trainer. 

    • Elementary Program - Once a school has committed to implementing the Sources of Strength Elementary curriculum and selected a school representative to implement the curriculum, the curriculum will be ordered and digitally accessible to the committed grades. 

Resources for Certified Trainers

Assembling Your Team- Secondary Resource

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Implementation Details- Secondary Resource

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Online Curriculum - Elementary Resource

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