After the SourcesOH In Person Summit March 5-7, 2024

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About the SourcesOH 2024 Summit

Thanks to everyone who attended our first in-person Summit March 5-7,2024. We were able to deliver Elementary and Secondary Program booster trainings and connect with school and community personnel all over Ohio to share stories and resources.


The SourcesOH Summit Schedule


Day 1 - March 5th

Elementary Booster Training

Advanced skills for Elementary Program
See Below for Summary, Pictures, & Participant Testimonials


Day 2 - March 6th

SourcesOH Conference

Conference for all (regardless of SourcesOH experience)
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Day 3 - March 7th

Secondary Booster Training

Advanced skills for Secondary Program
See Below for Summary, Pictures, & Participant Testimonials

Day 1 - Elementary Booster Training

We started with a training session focused on the Sources Elementary Program, aimed at empowering Ohio Coaches with deeper insights into both the curricula and the Coaching Model.

Looking for resources? Participants received an email from Erin Horn on 4/11/24 Sources Ohio Summit - Still Smiling!

  • Use this link to learn more about the Sources Elementary Program.
  • Want to speak to someone about joining Sources of Strength in your Ohio school or community organization? Contact Us


  • I loved the opportunity to hear from and share strategies with others implementing the program in Ohio. - OH Youth Programs & Training Manager
  • I learned the importance of mental health awareness and strategies to use on a daily basis in the classroom. -OH Elementary Educator
  • Start slow to go far...I believe is the saying.  It takes the pressure off implementing all lessons in one year. - OH ESC
  • I learned how we can incorporate the wheel into so many things and how to define things on the wheel to younger students.- OH ESC
  • I learned new ways to implement and get support. - OH School Social Worker

Day 2 - SourcesOH Conference

Sources CEO Scott LoMurray delivered an incredible keynote on human connectedness, preceded by warm remarks from Tony Coder, Executive Director of the Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation, and Tia Marcel Moretti, Deputy Director of Prevention at the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services.

Looking for resources? Participants received an email from Erin Horn on 4/11/24 Sources Ohio Summit - Still Smiling!

  • I really loved not only hearing from the students and staff during the panel session, but just being able to collaborate with individuals who have experience with Sources of Strength. - OH Middle School Educator
  • The conference was a great blend of the science and research behind the programming as well as practical things to take back immediately.  - OH Middle School Counselor
  • The style of learning was great in this program.  We never got bored with content because it was always changing:   A game, small group share, large group share, and project based discussions. - OH Middle School Counselor
  • I think this summit was a wonderful experience, very interactive and really showcased the power Sources has to foster connections. - OH Counselor
  • Connections with others.  This really helped me feel "not alone" in the journey that sometimes is difficult to convince others of the need.  I felt very affirmed and connected and also came back with a LOT of ideas. - OH ESC

Keynote presented by Sources CEO Scott LoMurray (9:00-10:30am)

Scott will explore the crossroads of mental health and human well-being to help us create a well world.  Join us to learn about the "leading causes of life" and how to integrate them into our lives, families, schools, workplaces, culture, and society.  

Breakout Session 1 (10:45am-12:30pm)

Radically Strength Based: An introduction to Sources of Strength

This session will delve into the history and philosophy of the Sources of Strength program, underscoring its evidence-based effectiveness in upstream prevention, fostering well-being, and empowering a well world.  This workshop invites participants to engage with core elements of the model, applying a strength-based framework to enhance their well-being and that of their communities.

Bring the Joy:  Belonging, Connection, & The Power of Play

Session Description: Play is a powerful tool to cultivate belonging and connection in our schools, homes, and communities.  In this session we will delve into the vital role that joy, laughter, and play have in nurturing climates of greater trust and safety.  Participants will engage in a variety of energizing and calming games utilized in Sources of Strength training and will explore the theory and research behind how play can be used as a powerful facilitation technique in trainings, classrooms, workplaces, and with friends and family.  Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of how play can be strategically employed to foster meaningful connections between both youth and adults. 

Breakout Session 2 (1:30pm-3:15pm)

Work the Wheel: Emotional Regulation and Sources of Strength

Session Description:  Emotional regulation is a key component of individual and community well-being, particularly in the nuanced and challenging world of education.  This session will offer participants an opportunity to explore the critical role of emotional regulation in both professional and personal realms.  The session will explore the connections between brain science and emotional regulation, providing a deeper understanding of Sources of Strength framing each topic and an opportunity for self-reflection and application.  Engaging in interactive activities and discussions, attendees will explore practical applications of emotional regulation tools and techniques for themselves and for their interactions with students, colleagues, and loved ones. 

Embrace the Journey: Practical Support for Implementation

 Session Description:  This will be an interactive session focused on Sources of Strength Secondary and Elementary implementation successes and challenges.  Engaging in both large and small group discussions, participants will have the opportunity to celebrate their successes and collaboratively address challenges encountered along the path to empowering a well world.  This session fosters a solutions-focused approach, encouraging a growth mindset and building a strong foundation for implementation.  Attendees will benefit from collaborative dialogue and cross-training experiences, enhancing their ability to implement the program effectively.  This session is not just about sharing knowledge; it's about creating connections and fostering statewide collaboration to amplify the impact of the Sources of Strength program.

Breakout Session 3 (3:30-4:30pm)

Coaches Panel:  Hear from a panel of Coaches about implementing the Sources of Strength Elementary Program.  Opportunity for participants to submit questions to the panel as well.  

Peer Leader Panel:  Hear from a panel of Peer Leaders about their experience spreading Hope, Help, and Strength into their school.  Opportunity for participants to submit questions to the panel as well.  


Day 3 - Secondary Booster Training

We closed out the event with a booster training for the Secondary Program where Local Trainers, Secondary Program Coordinators, and Adult Advisors traded ideas with National Trainers and their peers about how to support youth-led Sources campaigns back home.

Looking for resources? Participants received an email from Erin Horn on 4/11/24 Sources Ohio Summit - Still Smiling!

  • Use this link to learn more about the Sources Secondary Program.
  • Want to speak to someone about joining Sources of Strength in your Ohio school or community organization? Contact Us
  • I loved connecting and collaborating with likeminded leaders and schools.  A sense of support and learning/growing together provides a sense of refresh and excitement about continuing to move forward with Sources at our school. - OH Middle School Counselor
  • I enjoyed the in-depth conversations and opportunity to put a campaign into action. - OH ESC
  • I gained great ideas about closing up this year and starting next year's Sources of Strength.  How to communicate/educate staff, school board, and community. - OH Middle School Counselor
  • The day prior, posters were created where individuals could write down challenges, questions, and celebrations.  On this day, we were able to discuss and others were able to give suggestions.  It was extremely helpful to hear how other schools are implementing Sources and many of the challenges were addressed with possible solutions. - OH Student Care Specialist
  • I loved the exercise where we had 30 minutes to do a campaign.  It made me realize how simple it can be. - OH ESC

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